ADB Preparing the Climate-Resilient Livestock Sector Development Project
ADB Gansu Internet-Plus Based Socialized Agricultural Service System Development
ADB Innovative Mechanism for Open Agricultural Investment
ADB Support to Public Finance and Finance Sector Reform in Henan Province
ADB Yangtze River Green Ecological Corridor Comprehensive Agriculture Development Project
ADB Fujian Farmland Sustainable Utilization and Demonstration
ADB Building Ecological Security System for the National Core Grain Growing Area of Henan Province
ADB Agriculture and Rural Development Project
ADB Agriculture Green Production and Waste Management Project – Subproject I
ADB Agriculture Green Production and Waste Management Project – Subproject II
ADB Agriculture Green Production and Waste Management Project – Subproject III
Southeast Asia Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development Facility -Phase II
Preparing the Yellow River Ecological Corridor and Climate Resilient Agriculture Development
Fujian Farmland Sustainable Utilization and Demonstration Loan Implementation Project
WB Hebei Clean Heating Project
WB/GEF China Climate Technology Needs Assessment Project- International Best Practice Mitigation and Adaptation Technologies
ADB Advanced Renewable Energy Technology Demonstration
ADB Accelerating Investment in Distributed Energy in Rural Qingdao
CAEP Clean Heating in Northern China  -  International Practice and Experience Study
ADB Air Quality Improvement in the Greater BTH Region—Shandong Clean Heating and Cooling Project
ADB Study on Natural Resource Asset Appraisal and Management System for the National Key Ecological Function Zones
ADB Hubei Huanggang Urban Environment Improvement Project-External Environmental Monitoring
ADB Improving Ecological Protection and Poverty Alleviation Outcomes of the Rare-Earth Sector in Jiangxi
ADB Study on the Comprehensive Eco-Compensation Mechanism
ADB Preparing the Silk Road Ecological Protection and Rehabilitation Project
ADB Henan Xichuan Integrated Ecological Protection and Environmental Improvement Project
ADB Hunan Miluo River Disaster Risk Management and Comprehensive Environment Improvement
ADB Fujian Mulan River Basin Integrated Ecological Restoration and Management Project
ADB Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regional Air Pollution Control
ADB Public Private Financing Mechanism for Chishui Watershed Protection
ADB Preparing the School Education Reform Sector Development Program
Using ICT for Developing Primary Students' Core Competencies and Reducing Rural-Urban Disparities
ADB Hebei Elderly Care Development Project - Project Preparatory Technical Assistance
ADB Guangxi Modern Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development Program
ADB Study on Gradual Rural-Urban Migration and Urban Settlements Development in Chuxiong
ADB Jiaozuo National Pilot Project for Standardization of Public Employment Services
ADB Hebei Elderly Care Development Project – Consulting Services of Project Implementation Support
ADB Hubei Yichang Comprehensive Elderly Care Demonstration Project - Project Development Specialist
ADB Shanxi TVET Development Demonstration
ADB Preparing Urban and Social Development Projects - Xi'an Early Childhood Education
Strengthening Social Protection in the Pacific - Aged Care Assessment
ADB Guangxi Wuzhou Healthy and Age-Friendly City Development Program
ADB Strategy for Inclusive and Green Development of Small Cities, Towns, and Villages in Jiangxi
ADB Kaili East Green Public Transport Hub PPP Project (Phase 1)
ADB Hebei Small Cities and Towns Development Demonstration Sector Project
ADB Xinjiang Hetian Comprehensive Urban Development and Environmental Improvement
IFC China Water Program - Partner Bank Advisory Service Project
WB Consulting Service of Non-revenue Water Reduction, Energy Conservation and Performance Management
AFD Technical Assistance on Project Management and Non-Revenue Water Reduction Program
ADB Shandong Jiaxiang Smart Water Sector Development Project
ADB Hunan Xiangxi Rural Vitalization and Special Industry Development Project
Sichuan Ziyang Inclusive Green Development Project - CS2 Urban Green Development Planning Study for the SZHTDZ
ADB Integrated Framework for Cost-Effective Disaster Risk Management
ADB Mongolia Sustainable Tourism Development Project (Phase 2)
WB Study of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Status of Implementation and Future Prospects
ADB Greater Mekong Subregion: Capacity Development for Economic Zones in Border Areas
EU EU-China Ecodesign and Standards Cooperation Project
ADB Enhancing the Sustainable Cooperation of Yunnan and Guizhou with the GMS-Policy Research
NAREE International Limited